THE AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION STRONGLY SUGGESTS that we replace our toothbrushes every 3–4 months for maximum effectiveness. Know When To Say Goodbye Take a close look at your toothbrush bristles. Are they frayed? Smashed? Discolored? Kinda gross? It’s time for a new toothbrush. If you’re brushing correctly (gently), the signs of a lessRead More →

WE KNOW that frequent snacking on processed, sugary foods isn’t kind to the waistline. But what about its effects on your oral health? As we eat, naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths feed on sugars. This produces acid. When acids aren’t cleared away, they can erode tooth enamel, which leadsRead More →

IT ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT looking like a movie star or supermodel. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable with your healthy smile! Smiling’s Amazing Benefits You may not typically think about it this way, but your smile is powerful: Smiles can make you healthier. Smiling immediately lowers your blood pressure, slows your heart, andRead More →

MANY PEOPLE, AFTER COMPLETING orthodontic treatment, are fitted with a fixed retainer—a thin wire that’s bonded to the back of teeth, designed to help keep teeth straight and aligned. Fixed retainers can be great! You never have to worry about losing it!One of the most common problems that can ariseRead More →