Professional teeth whitening produces optimum benefits in a rather brief quantity of time. Performed under the supervision of a dentist, this system of whitening has gained recognition among people who are frustrated with over-the-counter (OTC) products or do not need all the fuss and hassle of a professional at-home apparelRead More →


EverSmile has introduced EverSmile WhiteFoam, a solution that cleans clear aligners, clear braces, mouthpieces, and clear retainers while gently whitening teeth. EverSmile WhiteFoam cleaning and whitening for clear aligners, clear braces, retainers, mouthpiecesThe patented EverSmile WhiteFoam has been proven to clean orthodontic clear aligners, clear braces, mouthpieces, and clear retainers.Read More →


Healthdent’l LLC has announced that it offers Hema-Glu, a tooth desensitizer infused with fluoride. Healthdent’l LLC manufactures Hema-Glu, a tooth desensitizer infused with fluoride. This patented formulation is designed to stop tooth sensitivity upon application. Just apply and let dry—no mixing or curing is required. Hema-Glu is indicated for manyRead More →


Some of our first-time patients have been nervous or embarrassed about coming in to deal with dark spots on their teeth. Although such spots occur due to oral neglect, there is no reason to put off a dental visit. Doing so will only complicate the issue. At Arrow Smile Dental,Read More →


Achieving the best smile possible goes beyond simply cleaning your teeth and avoiding cavities. Sometimes improving your smile may require resolving issues like alignment, discolorations (due to staining), chips, or even tooth fractures. So,it is necessary for a dentist to have a variety of smile improvement options available. A dentalRead More →