Experts from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), in the east coast of Mexico, develop new generation dental implants from mixtures of polymers with ceramic and a light consistency. So far the experts at this university have optimized the performance of those dental tools as they simulated the repetitiveRead More →


Some of our first-time patients have been nervous or embarrassed about coming in to deal with dark spots on their teeth. Although such spots occur due to oral neglect, there is no reason to put off a dental visit. Doing so will only complicate the issue. At Arrow Smile Dental,Read More →

Whether it is to prevent the build up of plaques, fight cavities, or mask bad breath, the sticky material that contains bacteria can lead to serious dental diseases. Your mouth harbours a wide array of microbial substances, including bacterial species like lactobacillus species, streptococci species, etc, and remains prone toRead More →