Experts from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), in the east coast of Mexico, develop new generation dental implants from mixtures of polymers with ceramic and a light consistency. So far the experts at this university have optimized the performance of those dental tools as they simulated the repetitiveRead More →


DenMat has introduced ViziLite Pro, its latest product in light-based fluorescence technology. The ViziLite Pro oral lesion screening system provides a fast approach to detecting epithelial dysplasia, even in its earliest stages. Oral cancer statistics are changing, and not for the better. In 2015, there were nearly 45,700 diagnosed cases ofRead More →


Planmeca Evolution dental consoles are designed to offer clinicians efficient environments with connected technology and clever organization. Planmeca’s new line of Evolution Consoles—including the Evolution 12 O’Clock, Evolution Central Island Console, and Evolution Side Console—all feature quick and easy integration of modern technology. Offering Ethernet and 3.0-USB connections, PlanScan (digitalRead More →


3-D printing isn’t just for the lab anymore. The Form 2 3-D printer from Formlabs can be used in dental offices for applications such as creating study guides, surgical guides, and bone models. The market for 3-D printers has exploded recently, offering consumers a greater number of choices, including moreRead More →